In this document you will be informed about how the data entered using APPITO offered and maintained by NAOS SOLUCOES TECNOLOGICAS LTDA., A limited liability company, CNPJ No. 22260114 / 0001-03, headquartered in São Paulo / SP, located in Rua Mourato Coelho, 957, Pinheiros neighborhood, CEP 05417-011, from now on referred to simply as PROPRIETARY, are collected, used and protected.

APPITO intends to establish a relationship of trust and credibility with its users and therefore seeks a responsible and transparent way to deal with the information it receives, transmits, stores and uses. Such use and the way we treat your data will be governed as set forth in this Privacy Policy. Our aim is to make you better understand what information we get and how we use it.

Before you proceed in reading this document, it is essential to read the APPITO the Terms of Use, given that many expressions used herein are explained in the document. So if you have not read it, we recommend you do.

We know that reading these documents can be tiring, but it is their responsibility to do so, we try to leave it as pleasant as possible, and if any doubt still persists at the end, just contact us at Customer Service Consumer.

From now on, you will be treated as USER.


    The Privacy Policy is the document that establishes which information PROPRIETARY has access and how they may be used. The following topics will make you understand how they are treated not only your personal data, but also all the information automatically collected or sent by you to interact with, or in,APPITO.

    As provided for in the relevant legislation, the USERS will always be ensured, among others, the following rights:

    1. Inviolability of intimacy and privacy, protection and compensation for material or moral damage resulting from the violation;
    2. Inviolability and secrecy of the flow of your Internet communications, except by court order, under the law;
    3. Inviolability and confidentiality of their private communications stored, saved by court order;
    4. No supply to third parties of personal data, including connection records and access to internet applications, saved by free consent, expressed and informed in this privacy policy, terms of use or other legal texts APPITO, and / or in the cases provided by law;
    5. Clear and comprehensive information collection, use, storage, processing and protection of their personal data, which can only be used for purposes that justify their collection, are not prohibited by law and are specified in terms of use of internet applications;
    6. Consent expressed about the collection, use, storage and processing of personal data, which should occur prominently to the other contractual clauses;
    7. Permanent deletion of personal data, upon request, at the end of the relationship between the parties, except in the cases of mandatory Guard records provided by this Law.

    Now that you know your rights, let us address the Privacy Policies.

    By downloading and accepting the functioning of APPITO on your mobile Internet connected device (mobile), you are expressly accepting the terms of this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use APPITO.


    Your use and registration of APPITOshall induce your of acceptance of our policies. This registration can be done through registration in APPITO with filling the necessary information to register or making the connection between APPITOand other social networking services accounts or other services already arranged by you. In two ways: by facebook:

    In order to use the application from your profile on other networks, the USER must authorize sending the following information: public profile (name, profile picture, age, gender, language, country and other public information) and personal description.

    Also, part of the registration, additional user information is needed, such as information about the USER’s footballing skills. Finally, APPITO requests access to the user's contacts on your device mobile, where the application will run, access to the user's location from your mobile device where the application will run and permission notifications push the system.

    Such information will not necessarily be exposed or available to all users. The availability or not will depend on what you will have interaction with other users. A PROPRIETARY only collects personal information from USERS if given voluntarily, considering that the user himself will give the permission.

    After authorizing the transmission and access to the above mentioned information, the USER will have access to APPITO and can use it fully, as provided in the Terms of Use of the latter.

    By installing APPITO and accepting this privacy policy, the USER accepts and agrees that APPITO will have access to the following sensitive data on his mobile device, which will be considered, as the others, as personal and confidential:

    1. contacts (all contacts that are on the USER’s agenda);
    2. camera (you can send photos directly from the camera of the USER’s disposition);
    3. photo gallery (the USER can send photos directly from the USER’s private photo gallery);
    4. telephone (APPITO will have access to the the USER’s model, software and GPS - Global Position System)
    5. accounts in APPITO (login, password and e-mail data used);

      This information will not be shared with third parties and will be considered as confidential, in whole or in part.

    6. For iOS users, information provided by the Health Kit APIs and Fitness and Motion APIs (localization, running distance, heart rate, sleeping and alimentation data). could be accessed. Access to this data can be restricted by the user in the permissions settings of the iOS system. Such information will NEVER be passed on, transferred and / or marketed by APPITO, This information will also never be used for any type of product offers, services and/or any type of marketing.

    The USER acknowledges and agrees that the information in its profile on APPITO, may become available to other application USERS, in accordance with this Privacy Policy and Terms of Use Application.

    Some or all data and / or filled information that will be part of your profile will be visible to any user with whom you interact or not, is due to join a private group or public, is to create an event / match either by joining an event / match. In case of change in these data, please update them in your profile or contact us through our SAC to know how to proceed.


    PROPRIETARY uses the collected information for the following general purposes:

    1. Provide the necessary interactivity of the application (for interactivity meant the APPITO Services To learn more about these services indicate the reading of the Terms of Use);
    2. Improve usability and the interactive experience using APPITO;
    3. Develop statistics and general inserts advertising nature or not;This use will NEVER be applicable with the information provided by the Healthkit APIs and Motion and Fitness APIs. Information provided by the latter will NEVER be used or passed on for any of the ends mentioned in this clause 3.c.
    4. Respond to queries and requests from the USER;
    5. Conduct research and relationship marketing, linked to APPITO, sports and / or other purposes that PROPRIETARY considered relevant, respecting the policies adopted here in the Terms of Use and the current legislation. This use will NEVER be applicable with the information provided by the Healthkit APIs and Motion and Fitness APIs. Information provided by the latter will NEVER be used or passed on for any of the ends mentioned in this clause 3.e.

      The PROPRIETARY may sell and / or provide the personal information of USERS to other people or companies, for lawful purposes, with the ABSOLUTE EXCLUSION described herein for the information provided by the Healthkit APIs and the Motion and Fitness APIs, which is why the USER from now on, gives, free consent to PROPRIETARY for such a possibility. To reiterate, information provided by the Healthkit APIs and the Motion and Fitness APIs will NEVER be sold or provided to other people, companies and will never be used for marketing purposes. The presentation of any information will also occur through the request itself of the USER or court order.

      PROPRIETARY will use the information collected for the purposes set forth herein, in accordance with the Terms of Use APPITO, reserving the right to keep them for compliance of law and / or to protect in case of any civil claim, destroy them after use, or not use them.

      Employees, suppliers and others involved in the application have knowledge of this Privacy Policy and only authorized personnel are allowed to access the personal data collected, or suffer disciplinary action, or cool, in case of violation of the rules set forth herein.


    The security of the information sent by the USER is guaranteed by effective protection mechanisms, such as encryption, security devices, access protocols, filing on internal servers, firewall, secure web environment.

    Despite adopting levels of security for the protection of data and information collected, it is important that USERS are aware that the nature and technical features of the internet, there is always the risk that unauthorized third parties, somehow will be able to violate these protective mechanisms and have access to such information, reason why the PROPRIETARY can not guarantee the full privacy and security in the application. We therefore also inform that, as PROPRIETARY, we are not responsible for breakage and / or violations in the application of user information, due to the bad intent and / or bad faith of third-party interventions and / or failure. The relationship between PROPRIETARY and these virtual stores is expressly provided in this Terms of Service, which is why we recommend you reading it carefully.

    The data and information that is stored on or archived on external servers meet the same security principles adopted by PROPRIETARY, since suppliers and partners are required to comply with our Privacy Policy.

    PROPRIETARY will maintain access records to the application, confidential and obeying this Policy, in a controlled environment and security, for a period of six (06) months, as required by relevant legislation. This information will only be available to law enforcement authorities, administrative or prosecutors, upon request and with due judicial authorization.


    The user has the knowledge and declares that, for the use and discretion of these services, will provide, in addition to other personal data described in that term, its phone number. Therefore, the user declares to know and agrees that the cellular telephone registered in its profile may be viewed and accessed by the other users of APPITO as well as third parties who have contact with the other users.

    Therefore, the owner is not responsible for any unauthorized use that third parties or other users may make with the phone and personal information of the user which will be part of the profile (including the disclaimer of the application), which must be filled out and available to the criterion of the user. The owner is not responsible for such facts and including, but not limited to, any direct, indirect, or consequential damages whatsoever, which arise from the scope of the appeal proposal and this terms of use and privacy policy. If the user does not agree to the following clause, you should not register and will immediately stop using the APPITO.

    If the user is contacted in any way unknown or illegal or feels any consequential or sealed by other users or third parties shall immediately report to the owner so that, if necessary, APPITO takes the right measures, including, but not limited to, the exclusion of the user in question and referring the question to the competent authorities.


    While using the services available to other networks and other online services, this application is not endorsed or linked directly to these, but respects its Terms of Use and its Data Use Policy.

    To use the application, the USER should also be aware of in agreement with the terms and policies of these services, which is why we recommend reading these documents.

    When there are conflicting or different forecasts, this Policy shall be respected over the policy of such third parties.

    Also, this application is not responsible for the collection, storage or any other use of your data from third-party partners nor for the services offered by their application sites, as indicated in the Terms of Use, such as virtual shops selling or offering free applications, also used to enable the download of APPITO.


    As we said earlier, we understand that reading this document, while we try to always be as clear and direct as possible, may leave some doubts an general questions and even suggestions and criticism you want to share with us.

    So, if you want to contact the APPITO to make comments or questions about this document, please contact us through the application or social media pages.